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Secure Your Smart Contracts:
| Cybersecurity
Malicious miners can exploit timestamps to steal funds. ☠ Learn how to fortify your contracts with these expert tips.
Do you have an Oracle Database? Then, you also have Oracle APEX
| Oracle Apex Development
Build Custom Apps in Minutes with Oracle APEX This FREE low-code platform, empowers you to build secure, scalable web & mobile apps
Oracle APEX + Generative AI
| Oracle Apex Development
Oracle APEX + GAI = Awesome" 🚀 Unlock the Power of Generative AI with Oracle APEX Generative AI (GAI) is a groundbreaking subfield of machine learning that pushes the boundaries of AI capabilities. Unlike traditional AI, GAI doesn't just analyze da…
Patch Your Weaknesses Before Hackers Do!
| Cybersecurity
The Power of Vulnerability Assessments Cyberattacks are a constant concern. Vulnerability assessments are an essential, ongoing process that empowers you to proactively identify, classify, and prioritize weaknesses in your systems, applications, and ne…
Safeguard Yourself from XSS Attacks
| Cybersecurity
There are several strategies we can employ to safeguard against XSS attacks:
AI Vision + Oracle APEX
| Oracle Apex Development
Explore how APEX can empower developers to be more productive than ever before by leveraging the power of AI Vision. You can leverage OCI Vision to interpret visual and text inputs, including image recognition and classification, making images content a…

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